How to Apply Soft Pastel Color with Sheer Sunlight in Photoshop

In this photoshop color grading tutorial, I will show you how to apply soft pastel color effect to your photos with sheer sunlight in photoshop.

Soft Pastel Sunlight Effect Tutorial :

Open the image you want to edit in Photoshop.

First let’s apply soft pastel color effect with levels adjustment.

Select red channel and add some red tone to shadows by dragging black output slider to right and also adjust mid tones handle little to darken the reds.

Select green channel and adjust black output slider little bit to add green to shadows and white output slider to add magenta to the highlights.

Similarly select blue channel and adjust black output slider little bit to add blue to shadows and white output slider to add yellow to highlights.

Lower the opacity of the levels to reduce the color intensity to your liking.

Rename layer to soft pastel.

Now let’s add sheer light effect using gradient adjustment.

Select black to transparent gradient preset.

change starting color of the gradient, click the left color stop under the gradient bar. Change its color to white.

Similarly change end color of the gradient to yellow.

Change gradient fill style to radial.

Click on the gradient fill with mouse, drag and place it to your preference.

Change layer blending to screen and lower the opacity to your liking.

Now right click on the layer to rasterize the layer to transform its size.

Go to edit and select free transform CTRL+T to scale the light.

Place the position of the sheer light to your preference.

Rename the layer to sheer light.

That’s it. We’re Done.

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