How to Change Boring Over Blown Sky Easily in Photoshop

In this photoshop photography tutorial, i will show you how to change over blown sky easily in photoshop. Simple method that actually works best if the sky is completely washed out in your photo. We will fix a white sky by putting a different sky photo into it.

Replace Over Blown Sky Photoshop Tutorial :

A blown-out sky is very annoying, but sometimes unavoidable. This happens when camera can’t compensate light like the human eye. if you expose for the foreground, the sky blows out to an ugly white.

Ok let’s get started. First Open both the image which needs a new sky and an image of some sky.

Drag the sky image into the main image. It will appear at the top of the layer stack.

Note: The first thing I want to say is – build your own sky library! Every time you’re out with your camera, and you see a charismatic sky, snap it!!! Add it to your folder of sky images – you never know when you’ll need them.

Move and size the sky layer so it overlaps the problem area. Change the blend mode to “Multiply”

Now we need to Apply Gradient Masking to blend the bottom portions of the sky layer with the background.

Keep the top layer selected and create a layer mask by clicking the MASK icon at the bottom of the Layer Palette.

Use the Gradient Tool, select linear gradient and make sure the background and foreground colors are set to black and white.

Click and drag on the layer mask.

Now grab brush tool and paint with black to hide the effect from foreground subject.

To make the foreground colors match better with the new sky, add solid color adjustment and select color similar to current sky color.

Set the blending mode to Overlay or Soft Light, if necessary lower the Opacity of the layer.

Now Blur the sky slightly so it better matches the depth of field in the image.

Use the trees for guidance. Select sky layer then Go to Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur. Set to a value of 4–6 pixels.

That’s it. We’re Done.

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