How to Create Passport Size Studio Photos in Photoshop

In this photoshop tutorial, i will show you how to create and make easy passport size studio photos at home quickly.

Passport Size Studio Photos in Photoshop Tutorial :

First open image in photoshop.

I will record this tutorial photo shop action, so that i can use this effect on other photographs.

Select all and copy the photo.

Now make a new document.

Set resolution, 35mm and 45mm with the passport size photo dimensions.

Paste the photo in the new document.

Resize and position your photo.

Flatten image.

Now set select all. contract the selection by 10 pixels.

Inverse the selection.

Make a new blank layer and fill with white color.

Now double click on the layer to open the layer options panel.

Add stroke layer style to the current layer.

Flatten image.

Select all and copy the photo.

Now make a new document with the resolution as shown.

Paste the selection in the new document.

Move and align in order.

Ctrl + V to paste, and move the layers as follows.

We’re done. lets stop the action recording.

Now try this action on other photographs.

Simply open an image in photoshop and play the action.

Our channel subscribers can download this action file from our link below freely.

i hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.

Download File From Below Attachments

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rar Passport Size Studio ActionPhotoshop Action (ATN)
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