Creative Photo Idea – Sketch Manipulation Effect in Photoshop

In this photography creative ideas tutorial, I’ll show you how to change your photos to sketch manipulation effect in photoshop to get motivated. The basic idea with this project is to change background to pencil sketch art and keep foreground subject (couple) to be original.

Creative Sketch Photo Effect Tutorial :


Duplicate background layer twice and de-saturate both layers (SHIFT+CTRL+U).

Invert the top layer CTRL+I, then change layer blending to color dodge.

Go to filter menu – apply gaussian blur. Set radius of 3-5px.

Select top two layers and merge layers.

Rename the layer to “OUTLINE”.

Duplicate outline layer and name it “CROSSHATCH”.

Now go to filter gallery – select crosshatch filter. Keep Stroke length: 50, Sharpness: 0 and Strength: 1.

Change layer blending to “MULTIPLY”.

Again duplicate outline layer and name it “Angled Strokes”.

Move the layer to top stack.

Now go to filter gallery – select angled strokes filter. Keep Direction Balance: 100, Stroke Length: 32 and Sharpness: 0.

Change layer blending to “MULTIPLY”.

Now duplicate background layer and name it “GLOWING EDGES”.

Move the layer to top order.

Now go to filter gallery – select glowing edges filter. Keep Edge width: 1, Edge brightness: 10 and Smoothness:15.

Desaturate the layer SHIFT+CTRL+U & then Invert it CTRL+I.

Change layer blending to “MULTIPLY” and lower the opacity to your preference.

Now group all layers CTRL+G and name it “SKETCH EFFECT”.

Duplicate background layer again and name it “CUTOUT SUBJECT”.

Move the layer to top order.

Go to select menu – choose Select and Mask or Refine Edge Tool.

Keep view mode to your liking, I’ve chosen to use on overlay mode (V).

Take Quick Selection Tool (W). Click & drag the area you want to select using Quick Selection Tool.

Take subtract selection tool and remove unnecessary background areas from selection.

Once you’re happy with selection, click ok.

To refine the missed out selections, take soft brush tool and paint on areas with white.

Final step, add color lookup adjustment to color tone the image.

Apply any 3D LUT to your liking from drop down list.

That’s it. Creative Photography Ideas & Techniques to Try.

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