Make Your Own Signature Into Watermark In 2 Minutes

In this video, I’m going to show you a quick and simple method of using your signature as a watermark. You won’t even need a scanner, a simple digital camera or smartphone will do the trick.

Hand Signature Into Watermark Tutorial :

To get started first on a bright white piece of paper, scribble your signature as best you can.

Use a fine point pen because medium size tends to work best. It provides a deep black, and defined edges to your signature.

Take a photograph in good lighting, of the signature. Be close enough to retain detail, but not at an angle or so close as to have it be affected by distortion.

Transfer photo to computer and Open the image in Photoshop.

Use the crop tool to crop a portions around the signature.

Since i used a blue point pen, we need to convert it to black. So go to adjustments and choose de-saturate.

Now go to adjustments and select levels. Adjust black and white sliders to blow out the background of any shadows and to really highlight the signature.

You may notice there are some imperfections on the white paper background. Take brush tool and paint on background with white to clean it.

Now go to edit menu, select define brush preset. Name your brush to signature watermark.

Now our own sign brush is ready.

Open any photograph, add new blank layer and select signature brush and set brush size to your preference.

simply click on the photo to apply the watermark. Adjust layer opacity to your liking.

That’s it. we’re done.

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