[DIY] How to Shoot & Convert Negatives to Digital at Home

In this video i will show you, how to quickly convert film negatives into quality positives using a digital camera or smartphone.

Convert Old Film Negatives into Digital Tutorial :

To get started, first we need to shoot the negatives. i will show two methods, one using smartphone flash as a light box and other with the natural sun light.

For this demo, we required a film negative. Make sure that your negatives are clean before digitizing them.
Any Soft white box to create simple Light box set up, By the way it is a bourn-vita bottle (used in the tutorial) you may find this type of bottles in your kitchen.
And a smartphone.

How to Shoot Method 1#
Now turn on torch option in your phone settings.
Remove bottle cap and place it on the torch light.
Blackout curtains to stop creeping light Coming in Through the windows.
Place a negative on light box and take the shot.

Now let’s see how to shoot negative outside in board day sun light.
How to Shoot Method 2#
Place any white paper or card board on the floor.
Make sure the sun is bright and shiny.
Now hold the negative in front of white paper with bright sun at the top.
Now take shot with a macro focus setting.

Transfer the images from your camera to computer.
Post-processing in photoshop
Open photo in photoshop.
Choose the Crop tool and remove top, bottom and sides portion of a photo to create focus or strengthen the composition.
Now duplicate background layer.
Go to adjustments and select invert CTRL + I keyboard shortcut.

This photograph is very old one so you may notice lot of scratches and dust on the photo.
The overall image looks in a cyan tint. To fix the colors add curves adjustment.
Open red channel, move black handle at starting point of the curve and drag white handle at end of the curve.
Similarly do the same for the green and blue channels.

That’s it we’re done. Now we can easily convert any negatives to digital at home by yourself.

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