Dodging and Burning Secrets Photoshop Action Download

In our previous tutorial we showed how to dodge and burn easily in photoshop. Now we developed a action for dodge and burn with same process.
With 1 click you can achieve professional dodging & burning.  First download action Load file in to action panel. and run it.

Download File From Below Attachments

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zip PSDESIRE - DODGE & BURNPhotoshop Action Free Download
1 kB 6612


  • edgar

    February 23, 02 2016 09:23:09

    the file doesnt work PSDESIRE-DODGE-BURN


      February 24, 02 2016 10:05:14

      thanks edgar, there is problem with plugin we are looking towards it and fix in next 24hrs


        February 25, 02 2016 05:18:01

        all downloads fixed who has problem in extracting rar or zip files. keep visiting and happy learning

  • kamlesh shrimali

    August 10, 08 2016 11:42:08

    hi…. nice

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