How to Edit Newborn Photography Color Processing in Photoshop

In this photoshop tutorial, we’ll learn how to edit newborn photography and add sweet soft pinkish color tone to enhance natural beauty, by keeping precious details. I will record this tutorial photoshop action, so that i can use this effect on other photographs.

Newborn Photography Color Processing Effect Tutorial :

First duplicate background image.

Apply smart sharpen to the current layer. Adjust the amount and radius settings as follows.

Now add new photo filter layer. Choose mostly pure red color. Keep density at 35%.

Add new curves adjustment layer.

Take On-image adjustment tool and drag upwards to brighten things a bit on the face.

Again add another new curves adjustment layer.

Take On-image adjustment tool and drag upwards to get overall exposure right.

We’re done with color processing. lets stop the action recording.

As a final step, i want to add some lens blur effect to the image.

Create a new stamp layer from all the visible layers by pressing, Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E

Enter quick mask mode.

Select gradient tool, choose type reflected gradient.

Drag on the subject.

Now exit quick mask.

Apply lens blur to the selection. keep iris radius 20.

Deselect the selection.

Apply sharpen edges to the current layer to keep edge details.

That’s it. we’re done.

Lets try this action on other photographs.

simply open an image in photoshop and play the action.

we can control the color intensity by adjusting the photo filter layer opacity.

our channel subscribers can download this action and PSD file from the link below.

i hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.

Download File From Below Attachments

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rar Newborn Photography Color ProcessPhotoshop PSD + Action
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