Simple Technique to Get Perfect Six Pack ABS Easily in Photoshop

In this photoshop editing manipulation tutorial, I’ll show you simple technique to get perfect six pack Abs on your body in Photoshop.

Get ABS Photo Editing Tutorial :

First open the image you want to edit in Photoshop. Download & open any body with the abs that you like from Google or any other site.

Now take lasso tool and select the abs. Copy the selection into a new layer CTRL/CMD+J.

Click and drag the layer and place it on the image that you want to replace.

Adjust Hue/Saturation to match the colors with the below background photo.

Select Free Transform tool and scale the abs to match the size with the original.

Reduce the opacity to see through the layer and position the abs perfectly in the middle of the abdomen.

Take eraser tool and delete edges that extended over the clothing.

Once you’re happy with the position and size then get the opacity back to 100%.

Duplicate background layer CTRL/CMD+J.

Hold CTRL/CMD key and click on abs layer to load selection.

Go to select – Modify – contract the select by 5-7px. Go to edit and clear the selection from background copy layer.

Now select top 2 layers. Go to edit and select Auto-Blend Layers. check seamless tones and colors and click ok.

Lower opacity of the merged layer to your preference to make it look natural.

It helps to blend the tones and colors with the original image.

Create a new layer from all the visible layers by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E.

De-saturate the layer SHIFT+CTRL+U.

Apply high pass to make the abs details integrate into the Body.

Apply gaussian blur to add Softness to Highlight and Shadow of the shapes.

Change layer blending to soft light.

Add layer mask to the layer. Apply image on a layer mask to make the effect applied only to lighter parts of the body which means the lighter parts of the image will be visible and the darker parts will be invisible.

Once you’re satisfied with the effect, color tone your image using color lookup adjustment. Select any preset from drop-down list to your liking.

That’s it. We’re done.

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