How to Color Brighten and Sharpen Eyes in Photoshop

First open image in new document. Duplicate, background layer, Control + D.

Now go to filter tab, and choose “high pass filter”. Adjust the radius slider, keep the details intact. so choose small radius and click ok.

then change blending option to “overlay”.  apply curves from adjustment layer,

increase the brightness of image with curves. remember our focus is mainly on eyes, we will mask it later.

Make stamp copy, keyboard shortcut control + shift + Alt + E , it means it take screenshot of exactly what we are looking.

Now again apply the high pass filter to this layer. But this time try to get shadows and highlights in eye, so keep radius in middle of slider.

now change blend option to “soft light”. add curve layer and, bright the eyes, you can do this using levels adjustment layer also.

it depands on your choice, photoshop has many tools, use it to your convenience. now group all layer, control + G.

Now add layer mask to the group. invert layer mask, control + I, black layer mask means it hides the effects.

Now we paint with soft brush with white, it reveals the effects only on our desire areas. reduce flow to 75%.

now paint only with in  eyes, See before and after results.

Now we have layer mask for eyes, we can also change the eye color too.

add hue and saturation layer, and add clipping, hold alt and left mouse click for clipping.

adjust hue slider for color changes.

That’s it guys for this episode.

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