How to Match Colors for Foreground and Background Extract

In this episode i will show you how to match colors for good Composition when you cutout subject and place on different background.

first thing we need to do, find shadows, midtones and highlight colors from original background.

here i use threshold layer to find dark and bright spot. Take picker tool and hold shift to make a mark for finding dark spot. Similarly now find white spot by dragging slider opposite direction. Now we got dark and white areas, we need to find grey area.

Finding grey spot is little tricky, we can’t find it easily like dark and whites. Create new layer and fill it with 50% grey color and change blending mode to difference. Now again use threshold layer to find dark spot. this time dark spot refers to midtones. We can delete grey and threshold layer. we don’t need of it.

now with the help of pickers we select colors. We successfully completed finding colors.

Now cut out the model from the original photo and to place her into the new background.

Since the model has typically been shot in a different environment than you used to photograph your background, one of the occurring problems is to match the color and light, which is essential to make the final composite believable.

Now we use gradient map and add shadows midtones and highlight color to it. Now apply colors what we have selected before using color picker

we need gradient map colors effect only to foreground subject so create clipping mask. Hold down the alt/Option key and move your cursor between the 2 layers, you will see an arrow appear. Click to apply. Change blending to color and reduce opacity to around 25-30%.

Here is before and after results.

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