How to Create Color Light Toning Effect in Photoshop

in this tutorial, i will show you how to apply fashionable color light toning to any portrait in photoshop. For best results try this effect on studio shots or indoor photos.

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rar light-toning-effectPSD file
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  • aman

    December 11, 12 2016 06:58:32

    Hey bro i tried to use unarchiever to change the file RAR to Photoshop action ‘atn’ couldn’t i end up with zip file .
    Is any trick to change Rar file to atn on Mac b’se i can see u got action most of them RaR which compatible with Window only . looking forward to get easy way to get those presets action on Mac i ll appreciate


      December 23, 12 2016 10:11:24

      try this The Unarchiver is a free, open-source program for MAC that supports a wide variety of archive files, including RAR.

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