How to Capture Long Exposure Waterfall with Smartphone

Before getting into tutorial i need to tell story behind this photo it may help to people who take photos with smartphones. recently i visited a waterfall but sadly i forgot my DSLR. All i have is my samsung smartphone. If i had my DSLR at that time i definitely maybe try to take long exposure silky waterfall. But i didn’t disappointed, i placed my smartphone on solid rock used as tripod and took some random shots from same place.

Tip:you can also use intervalometer app called camera FV-5. set time interval 5 secs for 30 shots. Once set the timer place the smartphone at one place and click start now button.

Mathematically if we took 38 photos at shutter speed of 1/15. so 1/15×38 = 2.5sec long exposure
if u take 100 shots then 1/15 x 100 = 7sec long exposure

Now its time to start tutorial in photoshop.
Go to file tab and select scripts. and then choose load files into stack
browse the photographs which taken before and select all and click OK.
if u didn’t use tripod or taken shots with handheld then please tick this option automatically align source images. Also tick create smart object after loading layers and click OK.
kindly wait until photoshop process images and create a smart object layer. If want to do any changes like delete or adding new photos u can do by double click on smart object layer
now Go to layer menu tab and smart object and then select stack mode. In stack mode please choose mean. Thats it combines all photos and average the colors and water movement. Finally i want to adjust curves in lab color mode to popup colors.

Here is the final long exposure smooth waterfall

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