How to Replace or Swap Lips in Photoshop Tutorial

in this post i will teach you How to Replace or swap Lips in Photoshop.

Make Selection : first open images in a new documents separately. i want to replace this girl lips with another girl lips. firstly select quick mask keyboard shortcut [Q]. Take a brush tool [B] and choose hard brush and paint on lips for selection. Exit quick mask to get selection. copy the selected area, now go to another image and create a new layer and paste the selected area into it.Reduce the opacity to check the position and size of the original lips. Transform and scale the new lips to match the existing one.

Replace Selection: once we placed the position well get the opacity back to 100%. Rename layer to lips, duplicate background layer and name it girl. now hold CTRL and click on lips layer to get selection. now select girl layer and contract selection by 5 pixels. now delete the selection from girl layer. Now girl layer doesn’t have lips and we blend blank space with lips layer. select lips and girl layer – note make sure these two layers are not smart object if they are smart object then rasterize layer and proceed.

Blend Layers: Goto edit and select auto blend layers. check seamless tones and colors and click ok. photoshop will do tones and colors matching to original image automatically. just grouping all layer and naming lips replace job.

here is before and after lips replacement.

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