Use Field Blur Gallery Filter in Photoshop for Depth Of Field

Photographers rely on focal length, subject distance and aperture to determine in-focus and blurred areas of an image. The Blur Gallery filters are designed specifically to produce a selective focus effect.

In this article I’ll show you how these tools work and hopefully inspire you to start using them on your own images.

I strongly recommend that you first duplicate the background layer of your image and covert into smart object before applying any of these filters.

Then go to Filter>Blur and choose Field Blur. This will open the Blur Gallery.

The image opens in a full size editing window.

An active ‘pin’ is automatically placed in the center of the image, surrounded by an adjustment ring (the gray circle partially covered in white).

At this point the entire image is blurred to the degree specified in the adjustment ring.

With your cursor on or near the adjustment ring you can drag your mouse along the ring’s edge to adjust the blur amount.

Alternatively you can use the slider in the Field Blur panel.

So we’ve made the entire image blurry.

Move your cursor away from the adjustment ring and you’ll see the cursor now appears as a small pushpin with an plus sign alongside it.

In this ‘add pin’ mode, simply click to place a new blur control so that you can specify a different blur intensity at that image location.

A blur setting of 0 prevents any blur from taking place, protecting or masking out that area of the image.

You can apply as many pins, at varied settings as needed to apply blur to some areas of the image while protecting areas you wish to remain sharp.

Press and hold the M key to see the actual blur mask. Areas in white have a blur applied to them while areas in black
have been protected. Shades of gray represent partially affected regions.

You can see that I’ve added a lot of pins in this example in order to restrict the blur effects to specific areas of the image.

Note that each pin can be set to its own blur value what I like best about Field Blur is that it tends to lead to more realistic results with natural-looking transitions that looks as if they could have actually been done in-camera.

here is final outcome

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