Moon Close-up Shooting- Nikon Coolpix P900 Ultra High Power Zoom

This is just fun video shooting close-in full moon. Here it is my camera nikon coolpix p900 with optical zoom up to 2000 mm*, By using Dynamic Fine Zoom, it is possible to go up to 4000 mm** without any sacrifice in resolution. Moreover, digital zoom takes you up to 8000 mm* for more increased magnification and for framing and composition of long shots.

By combining both zoom styles, it is possible to take some astronomical subjects. These attributes, together with superior portability and handling, make the COOLPIX P900 an ideal performer for capturing images of birds and other wildlife, landscapes, aircraft, railroads, sports, and even celestial bodies, such as the moon, Galilean satellites, and Saturn.

With this 83x optical zoom, which includes Super ED lens elements, when you capture any distant subject you will be receiving all the visual information that’s available. With magnification equivalent to 4000 mm*, 166x** Dynamic Fine Zoom, you can literally shoot the moon including craters that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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