Realistic Painted Effect Photoshop Action – Any Photo into Painting

In the previous video, i posted tutorial about how to create realistic painted effect in photoshop. If you missed it or want to watch that tutorial, please check out here. In addition to that i developed a photoshop action to save lots of work time. You can download this action from attachment below and apply to any photo with just one click.

Realistic Painted Effect Photoshop Action :

Lets check this action how it works.

First download the action and save it.

Keep your photo shop application opened and double click on downloaded photoshop action file.

It will automatically adds to your actions panel list.

Now open any photo and simply click on play icon to add the effect.

There is a detail layer, you can tweak the detail amount by adjusting its opacity or if you don’t want to use it, you can hide the layer .

This demo video shows, how it works on portraits and architecture photos.

I hope that you enjoyed this video.

Download File From Below Attachments

FileDescriptionFile sizeDownloads
rar Realistic Painted Effect Photoshop ActionPhotoshop Action
2 MB 9995


  • Chandra

    April 11, 04 2017 02:39:35

    I am a regular follower of your excellent tuts. Just love them. Keep posting. Thank you

  • Robert

    April 11, 04 2017 07:04:37

    Great Action!

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