Quick Technique for Skin Tones using Color Dodge and Burn

In this photoshop photo editing tutorial, I will show you how to create amazing beautiful skin tones using color dodge and burn blending modes in photoshop.

Skin Tones Using Only Blend Modes Tutorial :

Open photo and select skin tones with ‘Color Range Tool’.

Add solid color fill layer of a brown (#94643c) color to apply on shadows.

Select layer mask (Shortcut: Hold Alt + Click on mask to view).

Go to mask properties, feather it to soften harsh edges.

Change layer blending to ‘Color Burn’.

Reduce the “Fill” slider value around 15-20%, the brown tone is only applied to the shadows of the image.

Dupliate color fill layer, change blending mode to ‘Color Dodge’ and add color of light cream (#fcdebc) to apply on highlights.

Now group both layers CTRL + G, Lower the opacity to reduce overall strength to your liking.

Note: You can change colors to your preference.

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